As far as expanding your business operation is concerned, there is no silver bullet.

However, what if you had access to an exceptional individual who, within 11 years, had taken his own company, Kelly+Partners, from zero to a turnover of 100 million dollars per year and listed on the ASX?  Brett Kelly has done just that and he could show you exactly how he did it. He can help you achieve rapid growth within your franchise business.

The secret to the meteoric rise of Kelly+Partners is now out of the bag. Brett has made himself available for keynotes, speaking, and workshops. It is indeed a rare privilege to have access to a business person who has achieved as much as Brett Kelly has. Rest assured that his insatiable appetite to help your team achieve results beyond their wildest dreams is fully evident in his exciting and engaging presentations.

With the unmistakable traits of influence and business success, Brett will impart upon your people such belief and the expectation that they can achieve rapid growth and that they will forever see a bigger and more profitable future for their own respective businesses. 

This is an extremely rare opportunity to have one of Australia’s leading business experts and thought leaders to present to your businesses and executives. This is the edge that you have been seeking to grow your business. 

Brett has presented on numerous topics that essentially focus on getting the most out of our own performance and leading a higher level of performance from teams.




Your money, Your Choice

20 personal finance strategies to help you organise, plan and achieve your financial goals. 

What Your Financial Position Says About You

How your personal balance sheet demonstrates your current values and what to do to change it.



Your Business, Your Choice

A strategic approach to growing the value of your business. 

What Your Business is Telling the World

How the performance of your business reveals your true values.



Your Life, Your Choice

Grow your ideas. take action and change your life.

Healthy, Wealthy, Wise

What we all know though seldom do.

How to book brett kelly

To enquire about booking Brett Kelly to speak at your conference or event, please contact:

Jasmine Irani

Email: jasmine.irani@kellypartners.com.au

Phone: (02) 9923 0800