Kelly+Partners (ASX: KPG)

In 2006 Brett founded Kelly+Partners Chartered Accountants, and over the past 16 years has grown the business to become the largest private business specialist accounting network in the Greater Sydney area. In June 2017, Kelly+Partners Group Holdings Limited listed on the ASX. 

Kelly+Partners employees over 400 team members and assists clients from 25 offices in Australia and Hong Kong. Kelly+Partners philosophy is to make clients ‘Be Better Off’.

Kelly+Partners is a Chartered Accounting network established in 2006 to provide a better service to Private Clients, Private Businesses and their Owners, and Families. Our specialty is to counsel individuals with significant business interests to control, preserve, and grow their wealth and asset base. The Kelly+Partners network has grown strongly as a result of the unique vision of its founders – a cohesive team of chartered accountants who are intensely focused on helping our clients manage their entire financial universe and solve their business issues.

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Growing from two initial start-up businesses in North Sydney and the Central Coast, Kelly+Partners now consists of 16 operating businesses across 12 locations in Greater Sydney. We also have 1 office in Hong Kong. In total, we service over 5,000 client groups in NSW and nationally.

Over the past 11 years, Kelly+Partners has partnered with numerous accounting firms and built many greenfield offices in order to create the existing network. Our proven ownership and operational structure is unique in the Australian accounting market. All offices contain on-the-ground Client Directors who are “owner-drivers” of their respective business in long-term partnership with the Kelly Partners group.

On June 21, 2017 Kelly+Partners Group Holdings Limited (ASX: KPG) listed on the ASX witah an opening price of 1.28 and a 28% premium to issue price.